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Other Publications by Ken Evers-Hood

Developing Issue,” September 24, 2007, The Presbyterian Outlook

“Sermon: What Are You Living For That’s Bigger Than You?” August 27, 2012, Faith and Leadership

“Let’s Stop Keeping Theology WEIRD,” December 31, 2012, The Presbyterian Outlook

“Book Review: Jonathan Haidt’s The Righteous Mind,” January 7, 2013, The Presbyterian Outlook

“The Language That Christian Leaders Use Matters,” January 14, 2013, Faith and Leadership,

An Award-Winning Six Part Series on Behavioral Theology in Faith and Leadership:

[The Associated Church Press recognized this series in 2013 with an Award of Excellence for Best Theme Issue, Section, or Series and an Honorable Mention for Theological Reflection, Long Format.]

A Six Part Series on Game and Game Design Theory in Faith and Leadership:

“Decision Quality Is Not the Same as Decision Outcome,” June 30, 2015, Faith and Leadership

“A Case for Good-Enough Parenting and Pastoring,” December 15, 2015