Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Section One: The Irrational Jesus

1. We Can Be Taught!
2. “Irrationally Yours”
3. We’re of Two Minds: Two Systems, Elephant Riders, and Esau and Jacob
4. Cognitive Heuristics: Sometimes the Shortcut Isn’t the Fastest Way
5. Cognitive Biases: Our Blind Spots
6. The Irrational Jesus Lives
7. The Irrational Jesus Dies . . . and Lives Again
8. But Isn’t Bias Just Sin?
9. Practical Docetism, Theologicons, and Fully Human Leaders
10. Let’s Get Real
11. Ten Behavioral Concepts, Heuristics, and Biases to Know

Interlude: The Congregation with Two Brains

Section Two: The Irrational Paul

12. Let the Games Begin!
13. Getting to Know Game Theory
14. Playing Games and Telling Stories—Coordination Games
15. Playing Games and Telling Stories—Social Dilemma Games
16. John Nash’s Beautiful (But Wrong) Mind
17. The Surprise of Tit for Tat
18. The Irrational Paul
19. SuperCooperators and Reciprocity Styles
20. Putting the Fun Back into Game Theory
21. Jongleurs de Dieu
22. Let’s Get Real (Again)
23. Ten Game Ideas and Concepts to Remember

Interlude: Isaiah, Community, and the Prisoner’s Dilemma

Section Three: The Irrational Leader

24. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
25. Discernment vs. Decision Making
26. Decision Outcome vs. Decision Quality
27. Decision Quality and the Decision Quality Chain
28. The Modified Behavioral Chain
29. Making Decisions About Decisions
30. When A Tornado Can Help
31. Choice Architecture: Making Decisions When We Choose Not to Choose
32. Evidence-based Ministry
33. Getting Real Part Three – Really Real
34. Ten Facets of Decision Making to Know

Postlude: Flame, Shame, and Grace

35. Benediction: Go Forth and Be Irrational!